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Youth After School Archery Program

Are you looking for an exciting and safe way to engage youths 8-17 years old? The Archery Experience provides NASP approved archery lessons and equipment for After School Archery Programs. Our programs are designed to teach safety, accuracy, and teamwork in a fun and engaging way.

We have knowledgeable, certified instructors, quality equipment, and competitive rates that make us the perfect choice for your youth archery program. 

Sign your organization up now for classes Starting in August 2024 and give your students an unforgettable experience! 

In our Introduction to Archery 101 Course, you'll learn the basics of archery including:

  • Safety Rules and Regulations
  • Proper Stance, Grip and Anchor
  • Proper Drawing and Nocking Techniques
  • Proper Aiming and Release
  • Sighting and Scoring Techniques
  • Equipment Selection and Maintenance
  • Shooting Basics and Common Problems
  • Tournament Preparation 
  • You'll also have the opportunity to practice and hone your skills. Our experienced instructors will offer tips, tricks, and techniques to help you unleash your inner archer!

Want to have an Archery program for your organization? Contact us at 615 619-2642 for details on starting a program at your school, church or community center.

This program is strictly for schools, churches, community centers and home school organizations. Grants and Scholarships may be available to cover program costs for those that qualify.

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