About Us

The Archery Experience

Welcome to The Archery Experience, where archery isn't just a sport; it's a way of life. Our non-profit organization was founded in 2022 with a mission to teach, train, and encourage hundreds of new youth and adult archers to reach their full potential.

We are located in the heart of Murfressboro, Tennessee, and we're proud to be the first company in Middle Tennessee to offer mobile archery instruction, lessons, equipment, and competitive opportunities to individuals, schools, churches, community centers, and non-profit organizations.

Our passion for archery is fueled by our belief that this sport can bring out the best in people, regardless of age, gender, race, or economic status. We're committed to introducing and promoting archery as a sport to children, youths, adults, and people with disabilities. Our goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where our students can learn, grow, and develop life-long skills.

As a proud partner of the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP), USA Archery, and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA), we're dedicated to delivering the best archery experience possible.

We offer group and private lessons, after-school archery programs, mobile archery parties, corporate team building, and special archery events. Our instructors are certified by NASP and USA Archery and are passionate about helping students achieve their goals.

Our students have the opportunity to use their skills to earn scholarships, compete in tournaments, or simply enjoy bowhunting and bowfishing. We believe that archery is more than just a sport; it's a way of life. Archery instills discipline, patience, and focus while improving physical health and overall fitness. It's an activity that teaches you to aim high and never give up, which are skills that will serve you well in all aspects of life.

At The Archery Experience, we're more than just a business; we're a community. Our students become part of our family, and we're committed to helping them achieve their dreams. We believe that archery has the power to change lives, and we're honored to be a part of that transformation.

Join us on this incredible journey and Aim to be Better for Life! We promise you an experience you'll never forget.

Mobile Archery

The Archery Experience is Murfreesboro's first and only Mobile Archery Company, totally dedicated to introducing and promoting the sport of archery to beginners, novices, and pros.

We can organize and set up an indoor or outdoor Mobile Archery Experience virtually anywhere, complete with bows, arrows, targets, tabs, protectors, and safety netting, plus provide practice, lessons, and instruction for groups of kids, youths, adults, and persons with disabilities.

The Archery Experience offers fun, entertaining, and educational Mobile Archery Parties and Archery Events for children's parties, corporate team building, fundraising, and competitive events for local groups, clubs, schools, universities, churches, associations, and non-profit organizations in Middle Tennessee.

The Archery Experience participants (6–60) will learn all about archery, safety rules, and equipment. Then provided with instruction and arrows to shoot recurve bows, compound bows, or crossbows at a variety of targets from 10 to 60 yards for a specified period of time.

We can set up a complete Mobile Archery Experience anywhere there is adequate safe space: in the parking lot, gymnasium, cafeteria, multi-purpose room, open field, tennis court, or backyard, with a variety of options to customize the experience for the client as well.

Or we can host archery parties, activities, and tournaments at our affiliate indoor range facility. The Archery Experience gives local archers of all skill levels the opportunity to learn, practice, and improve their skills all year without having to travel far to do so.

The Archery Experience is an idea that will surely fly!

Corporate Archery

Let us get you and your team out of the office and into the great outdoors for a unique, memorable, and hands-on team-building experience!

At The Archery Experience, we offer an exciting variety of archery-related activities, games, and competitions, allowing you to discover hidden talents and develop new skills in a fun and supportive environment.

Team Building with Archery

Archery is the perfect team-building exercise or corporate event! Every single employee can feel like a superhero as they test their skills in a safe and supportive environment.

Unforgettable Bonding Time

Not only is archery a great way to bond with your colleagues, but it's also incredibly fun! We have plenty of exciting challenges to keep everyone engaged and entertained throughout the whole event. Plus, you'll be able to reward successes with prizes at the end of each round.

Safety First

We prioritize safety above all else. Our expert instructors ensure that all participants are following proper safety guidelines to ensure everyone has a great time while also keeping everyone safe.

Take Aim at Fun!

The Archery Experience is the perfect way to have fun and enjoy some friendly competition. With engaging games and activities, you'll have an unforgettable time that will bring out the best in everyone!

Our Instructors

Ed Epps is the Executive Director of The Archery Experience. 

He is a certified National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) and USA Archery (USAA) Level 1 Instructor with over a decade of experience.

All Archery Experience instructors and coaches are experienced patient and enthusiastic. We strive to create a safe, supportive and fun environment for students to learn and excel.