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Team building is important to establish an effective, successful and supportive driving force for any organization.  Using carefully selected activities, your team must work together as a cohesive unit to achieve aims and objectives.

Your Archery Experience will include inspirational and fun activities that enhances learning and provides the opportunity for your team to relax, learn, and compete.

Enjoy some quality time together outside of the office without the daily distractions from deadlines, meetings, mobile phones and emails.

These are some of the advantages of having The Archery Experience for your next corporate team building event.

  • Introduce a sense of team morale, pride and support between colleagues
  • Present new and exciting challenges to employees and management
  • Encourage team trust, respect and uniformity
  • Provide fun elements for inspiration, achievement and motivation to succeed as a team


Tailored to the size and needs of your company, we will design a fun team building Archery Event with you in mind:

  • Your choice of half days, full days or weekend event schedules
  • Specifically chosen instruction and competitive activities in line with team building goals
  • Fully facilitated event management with all equipment included
  • Catering and beverage services available

We can set-up a complete Mobile Archery Experience anywhere there is adequate safe space in the parking lot, gymnasium, cafeteria, multi-purpose room, open field, tennis court or the backyard with a variety of options to customize the experience for the client as well.

Please call us (615) 619-2642 or email for more information or to book your team building event!

$400.00 $100 per hour 4hr min

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