Introductory Lesson

Start your archery adventure off with our 30-minute introductory lesson. Learn the basics of archery as we cover safety rules and equipment, proper stance, determining your dominate eye and the technics of shooting a bow.     

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, The Archery Experience has something for everyone. Learn the basics of archery, form, technique and more.

  • Overview of the basics of Archery
  • Safety protocols and procedures
  • Different bow types
  • Different arrow types
  • Basic shooting technique and form
  • Aiming and sighting techniques
  • Proper stance and body alignment
  • Follow through and release techniques

You will practice shooting at a variety of targets from increasing distances. Then participate in some competitive shooting.

Great for kids or adults who want to try archery for the first time or refresh your skills. One-hour intro lessons available for $40 per person.

Call us to book times and locations. 

$25.00 30 mins

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